Vlcc Combo Kit of Anti-Tan Face Wash (150 ml) & Neem Face Wash (150 ml) (Pack of 2)

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Product description

VLCC Anti Tan unique face wash deep cleanses the skin and effectively washes away impurities and tan, ideal for dull and tanned skin, its purifying properties leave skin refreshed and oil free, Enriched with Mulberry extract, it provides an even skin tone and deep cleanses the pores leaving skin fresh. VLCC Neem Face Wash with Chamomile and Tea Tree, Prevents Pimples and nurishes skin. Deeply cleanses the face gently and effectively, and controls sebum secretion without excessively drying the skin. Contains pure Neem Extract which effectively treats acne, pimples and prevents their recurrence, while Chamomile & Tea Tree have strong antioxident properties which help in rejuventing the skin, making it feel sparkling fresh and energized.

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