Livon Hair Gain Tonic 150ml

Livon Hair Gain Tonic 150ml

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Hair once lost is very difficult to get back. One needs to start taking action in time to ensure that hair loss is controlled.

With Livon Hair Gain Tonic, you can stop worrying about hair fall and concentrate on keeping your precious hair. It is a breakthrough formulation which addresses hair fall and also stimulates hair growth. Clinically tested by dermatologists and a result of advanced research, Livon Hair Gain controls hairfall in 90 days.

Key Features:
Controls Hair Fall -

With Livon Hair Gain, the Anagen (growth phase) to Telogen (rest phase) ratio gets balanced, which helps prevent hair follicle shrinkage, thereby controlling hair fall. Livon Hair Gain helps to control hair fall in 90 days.

Stimulates Hair Growth -

With the help of Livon Hair Gain, poor blood circulation, ageing and shrinkage of hair follicles is controlled which stimulates healthy hair growth.

How does it work?

Livon Hair Gain Tonic is enriched with Active Root Energisers, a breakthrough formulation comprising of hair re-growth molecules that have a three-way action on the affected hair follicles:

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It penetrates to the root of the hair follicle and clears up the debris around it
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It restores proper circulation of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle
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It prevents shrinking of the hair follicle and helps it grow in a healthy cycle
How to get the best results?
1. Talk to the Hair Experts

Here, the team of experts will be there to guide you towards the best way to get effectively control your hair fall problem. You will get expert advice on how to use Livon Hair Gain, how to get the best results from the product, solution to any concerns you have and more.

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2. Use only Genuine Packs

Please make sure that you are using only the genuine pack.

Once you receive your Livon Hair Gain Tonic pack, please check for the genuine seal on the top of the pack.

3. Use Livon Hair Gain in the right way

It is effective when you see the below

  • Less hair on pillow covers when you wake up
  • Less hair in the drain after a hair wash
  • Less hair on the towel after you wipe your hair
  • Less hair on your shoulders after combing
  • Less hair in the comb after every use

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